Plan Session Devotion: Your Life is God’s Preoccupation

by | Oct 26, 2015 | DEVOTIONS

Please welcome our first guest writer to The Pointed Life, Jennifer Camp, who has a beautiful ministry to women called Loop. We are thrilled to have her. Jennifer has an encouraging devotion and word from the Lord for you today.

We lean in close to the heart of God, desperate to hear the plan He has for us. We cry out, asking Him for clarity, praying even, that His plan is our plan. And what if it isn’t? Are we going to be okay if His plan is completely different?
Here is a whisper to our hearts when we lay down our desire for control, when we give Him our anxiety about not knowing what is ahead, when we want to trust His plan more than our own. Father, please help us hear You, trust You more than ourselves.
Do You Wonder about the Plan?

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9).

I know you want to see what’s ahead. I know it is difficult to not know, to not know what is around the corner. I know you wonder if I have a plan.
My daughter, how could I not have a plan for this world? How could I not have a plan for you? Do you wonder now, what does it mean for Me to have a plan? Does it mean Me knowing all the details of a moment in the future? Does it mean Me having designs stretched out for what’s ahead, a purpose considered, an arrangement in place?
What if I told you the plan I have for you is not for you to worry about? What if I told you there is only a small part you can understand of all the things I know and the things I want you to know and the things you just don’t need to be concerned with?
Here is My plan: I have good for you. It is my desire that you know Me, that you love Me, that you follow Me, that you serve Me. It is my plan, it is My desire, that you want to be with Me, that you want to talk with Me, that you stay here, in this moment with Me, and concern yourself with knowing Me now, this moment, and not considering all the details about the future that I know and you don’t.
What do you want to know? What do you want to know that you think I am holding out on you?
Here is what you need to know: I love you, and I never forget you. Your life is My preoccupation. You are part of My plan for this world, which I love and which I desire to heal and bring to life and have know Me. I don’t want this world to miss out on what I’ve always had for it, as I hold out My hand . . . as I hold out my hand.
*This is an excerpt from Loop: What Women Need to Know.
This devotion is one of many that are part of our Plan Session. To find all the Plan Session Devotions, please click here. We have the free Plan Session Study available in our library you may access by signing up below for our updates. We pray these words spoke truth and life to your heart. If they have, will you share in comments with us?

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Jennifer Camp grew up in the middle of an almond orchard in Northern California and now lives in the busy San Francisco Bay area with her husband, Justin, and their three kids. Connect with Jennifer, here, on her blog, where she wrestles with God about worship, imagination, and faith and loves to get to know women eager to hear God’s whispers to their heart. Jennifer is the co-founder of Gather Ministries and author of Loop: What Women Need to Know.

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