Plan Session Devotion: Your Time To Bloom

by | Oct 28, 2015 | DEVOTIONS

Hey there sweet soul, looking wistfully out the window of what feels like a rainy day in your life. There are days it may feel like you are confined in a small space with no hope of moving out of it. You may see others playing in the sunshine and dancing in the rain and wonder what you did wrong to feel so…stuck.

But take heart, friend. The small space you’re in may be the Gardener’s way of giving you special care and cultivation.  You may see this time as wasted, as being forgotten or left with the weeds, but you cannot see what He sees. You cannot see the plans He has, the hopes and dreams that you have let go of that He has not, and you cannot know the excitement He feels about your story. You do have a story, did you know that? One that is still being written, still developing roots.
Growth IS happening even when you cannot see it and it only feels like you are stuck in a messy, lonely place. But the Gardener – He is near! Just when you feel you cannot wait any longer, He will send words to encourage you, hope to sustain you, a friend to grow alongside you, His word to strengthen you. And one day soon, when you least expect it, in a whirlwind of being plucked by His hands you’ll find yourself transplanted into a beautiful, wide, open-spaced garden.
The sun won’t scorch you, the winds won’t break you, and you’ll drink deeply of fresh rain without drowning. You’ll look back and see that He knew all along what He was doing, keeping you in that little pot of love that felt so small. You’ll be grateful, because now that the blooms are beginning to peek through, you have the strength to hold them high.
And the Gardener will stop, look lovingly and smile because He knew all along that the beauty was there — even if you couldn’t see it. So, don’t lose hope! God’s plan is not delayed. This is only a season, and your time to bloom is coming
For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. {Habakkuk 2:3} {Ecclesiastes 3:1-2}

This devotion is one of many that are part of our Plan Session. To find all the Plan Session Devotions, please click here. I pray these words spoke truth and life to your heart. If they have, will you share in comments with us? We have the free Plan Session Study available in our library you may access by signing up below for our updates.

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Ashlie is a wife to Gavin, mama to four little ones, and has a heart to know God more and share His heart with others. When she’s not wading through laundry piles and stepping over crumb trails, she enjoys studying God’s word, thrifting, too much coffee, a good book, and laughing with family & friends. She knows what it’s like to try hard and do “all the right things” but like dead inside. Stuck, misunderstood, burnt out…yep, she’s been there. But Jesus and His amazing grace has made her alive through all of the mess and now she can’t stop talking about the fire in her soul. She prays the God will use the spark to light someone else’s way to Him.

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