Prayer Devotion: Honesty With God

by | Jan 25, 2016 | DEVOTIONS

One ordinary morning the Lord spoke to my heart, “You think about talking to Me a whole lot more than you actually do. Tell Me something you think I already know. I want to hear you.” So I did.
I told God my desires and fears, my dreams and frustrations, and God was not offended by my utter honesty. I was embraced and accepted by Him. He set me on my feet. I arose different—unashamed, healed from the pain, free from the burdens I carried, and with my heart closer God’s.

Intimacy with others cannot happen without self-disclosure. Self-Disclosure is an honest revealing of oneself to another. We know the risk in disclosing ourselves to others. The more open we are the more vulnerable we are to getting hurt, rejected, embarrassed, and judged because what we share can be used against us. We are human and our love is not perfect. We hide from each other and we hide from God. But we crave intimacy, because we want to be seen and heard, and we want to be accepted and loved.
God’s love is safe and He sees all of our parts. His love is perfect, unfailing, steadfast, and committed, and we don’t have to fear that He will reject us when we are honest with Him. He knows everything about us, so why should we have to tell Him? It’s because honesty with God means we trust Him with our whole heart and soul, even the most tender and protected parts. 
Do not be afraid to ask God hard questions. Do not be afraid to voice your honest doubts and feelings. Open up and unveil your truest self to Him. Honesty with God opens the door to the intimacy with Him your soul is longing for. 

Go Deeper: Psalm 139, Deuteronomy 31:6, Psalm 36:5-7.

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Michele-Lyn is a wife and mama of four. Sometimes she’s still more of a mess than she cares to admit, but she will so you will know we are all in the process. You’ll find her writing about motherhood, missions, and embracing beautiful messes on her blog, A Life Surrendered but mostly on her Instagram. She’s an advocate for World Help, is currently seeking a Bachelor’s degree in leadership and psychology, and is The Pointed Life founder.

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