Presence Session Devotion: Dream and Invite God

by | Jan 4, 2016 | DEVOTIONS

At new beginnings like the New Year we tend to think about our future. We dream a little more, make plans, write down goals. Some of us have become good at reaching our goals. Others are still trying to find our way.

Do you ever feel a hinderance to dreaming? Maybe you are wondering how to dream? Maybe you need permission to unleash your desires? Perhaps there’s a voice in your head that taunts, “Who do you think you are? It doesn’t matter if you do that. There are already people doing that and better than you.” Lies. What if you hear another voice—the still quiet whisper of the Spirit of God, your counselor? Listen. He is waiting for the invitation to come and breathe His breath of life into all your dreaming.
Invite God into your planning. Acknowledge Him in all of your ways, in all that you do. He delights in every detail of your life. He will lead you in the path of life—the path where you will find His grace and favor.
He is waiting to impart to you wisdom about your decisions. He is wanting to reveal Himself to you, and reveal you to you. Tell Him something you think He already knows. Tell Him something you’re not sure you know.
Today, God is asking you, “What is it that you really want?” because He wants to help you discover it.
Go Deeper: Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 16:11, Psalm 37:23.

This devotion is one of many that are part of our Presence Session. To find all the Presence Session Devotions, please click here. We have the free Presence Session Study available in our library you may access by signing up here or below for our updates. I pray these words spoke truth and life to your heart. If they have, will you share in comments with us?


Michele-Lyn is a wife and mama of four. Sometimes she’s still more of a mess than she cares to admit, but she will so you will know we are all in the process. You’ll find her writing about motherhood, missions, and embracing beautiful messes on her blog, A Life Surrendered. She’s an advocate for World Help, is currently seeking Bachelor of Science degree in Leadership, and is The Pointed Life founder.

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