Alignment Series Part 6: Speak Life Over Your Dreams

by | Feb 19, 2018 | IDENTITY

When I let go of The Pointed Life for over a year, I genuinely thought I would never come back to it. In the dark season I was in, hopelessness set in. I couldn’t see a future, let alone have any hope for it. I had no idea what I was going to do, and that’s all I would say when I would weep in my husband’s bosom week after week. I don’t know what do do. I don’t know what to do.

It may not seem like a primarily online-based women’s ministry would be hard to let go of. After all, there are many other women who are leading effective and successful ministries. So, why couldn’t I let it go completely? I thought about shutting down the website, and deleting all the social media accounts. I thought about digging a hole, and going to live in it because I couldn’t face my world, let alone the world. Believe me I tried, and in doing so I was saying no to God. But even in my disobedience, God did not give up on me.

One morning He spoke strongly to my heart and said, “Stop speaking death over your dreams. You’re speaking death over your dreams and destiny. Speak life. Only speak life and blessing.”

The week He spoke this to me, a video testimony came out about a gravely ill little boy all the way out in Redding, CA, whom God healed. In that video there was a video clip that was taken from a service that took place at the same time the little boy was fighting for his life. During worship the leaders began declaring, “You’re going to live and not die says God.”

The little boy did live and not die. And God, in His loving kindness and mercy, used that short video clip I watched over and over to breathe new life into my dry bones and into my dying dreams. Toward the end of the clip a word was given: “The enemy has been trying to steal your destiny by trying to short circuit your dreams, and I release life over your dreams.” That was for me that day. Is it for you, today?

I started declaring it. No matter how I felt, what I saw, or even what I was believing, I declared: I’m going to live and not die, says God. My dreams are going to live and not die.

The Lord spoke to me and I believe He is saying it to all of us: Break the power of the words that are being used to hold you back from doing what is in your heart do do. Break the power of the words set against you to prevent you from being who you are. Declare truth. Speak life. Speak life over your dreams and destiny.

Believing with you,


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