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Michele-L yn Ault


Michele-Lyn Ault is married to her best friend and is a mama to 4. She is a writer, speaker, and a grad student at Wheaton College earning a Master’s in Evangelism and Leadership. She has a passion to communicate truth that brings freedom, and encourage women to lead the life God called them to. If she only had a few moments with you, she would make sure you know that you are beloved and chosen, there is a hope for your future, God’s thoughts of you are good, and greater things are yet to come.

You can read more by visiting her personal website HERE.

Abbey Gough

Community Relations Administrator

Abbey serves as the community relations admin at The Pointed Life. She graduated from Oral Roberts University and now uses her talents to bring people together. She is passionate about taking care of her friends, the helpless, and the overlooked. When she isn’t engaging with our community on social media, or proof-reading TPL articles, she can be found humming (or singing) songs from musicals at her desk. Abbey has a heart to care for everyone she encounters, and uses that gift daily with The Pointed Life.

Hannah Moore

Media Administrator

Hannah is an alumna of the UCF School of Visual Arts and Design and uses her creative talents for The Pointed Life. She has a passion for storytelling and a heart to show God’s love and bring healing to those who are hurting. When she isn’t working with The Pointed Life, Hannah is juggling half a dozen hobbies and projects for dearly loved friends and family. Her hobbies include; cosplay, making silly videos, creating narrative sculpture, and eating bread.

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Meet our Team

Meet our team, about the pointed life team members, about our staff, meet who we are, who are we? who we are.

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Meet our Team

Meet our team, about the pointed life team members, about our staff, meet who we are, who are we? who we are.

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Meet our Team

Meet our team, about the pointed life team members, about our staff, meet who we are, who are we? who we are.

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