by: Meredith Bernard

A bud doesn’t usually stand out among other blooms surrounding it. But when put in focus, it’s pre-bloom state is just as beautiful — if not more.

There is beauty in the place of preparation. Some days it is easy to miss the bud for the blooms. But without a bud, the bloom would never be.

The same is true for you and me. The process of a growing soul leaves a well-worn trail for others to follow.

In the place of preparation, we find the strength to move ahead.
In the place of preparation, we learn to listen with our hearts.
In the place of preparation, we see the importance of where we’ve been and become more in-tune to where we are being led.

Father, give us eyes alert to see, feet ready to move, hands open to receive and hearts willing to accept all You have to teach us in this place of preparation for the day You allow us to bloom…for Your glory and Your glory alone. In Jesus Name, Amen.

The Pointed Life Devotion

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