by: Michele-Lyn Ault

What happens when we neglect our life-garden?

We may find, without even realizing it, we are living lives that have been overtaken by weeds, and then wonder, “Why am I so withered and worn?”

Weeds not only compete for nutrients that leave non-weed plants starving, overwhelmed, weak, and susceptible to disease, but they create an imbalance that causes abnormal and stunted growth in surrounding, purposeful, useful, life-sustaining plants.

Weeds are not life-giving; they are life-sucking and make no apologies. They hinder us from thriving so we are unable to stretch and grow, and be healthy and strong in the areas of life God called us to flourish and bear fruit.

We cannot make ourselves grow. God causes the growth. We can plant, water, cultivate, and we can pull weeds. What weeds have taken over that you you need to pull from your own life to make room for you to thrive and grow?

The Pointed Life Devotion

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