by: Michele-Lyn Ault

This pointed life is not about having a perfect life. It is about having a directed one. A directed life is not one without aim, but a life lived with purpose in very step. A purposeful life, my friend, is about how we spend our time.
We can spend so much of our time trying hard to perfect our life, that we miss living it. You see, time is our greatest and most valuable commodity. We only have so much of it. And once it has passed, once it has been spent, once it is gone, it cannot ever be regained. Neither we, nor anyone on earth can create more of it.

The greatest and most valuable wisdom we can gain from God is how to spend it well. How do we use the time we’ve been given in a way that will affect eternity? We must seek God for that answer. It is an answer He is willing to give. God wants to make His plans for us known to us, and time spent seeking God is never time wasted.

What better way to learn the way for our life than to spend time with the One who made the way, the One who is the Way? May our steps be ordered and directed of the Lord. He makes known to us the path of life. {Ps 16:11, Col 1:9-10, Ps 37:23}

The Pointed Life Devotion

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