by: Meredith Bernard

Daughter, I know there are times you are walking in the dark. You see everyone else moving, but can’t find your own way. It’s even crossed your mind to blame Me.

The thoughts that escape you never escape Me. I hear the notion that you just wish I would send a note or a sign or someone to tell you which way to go and what door to open and what door to run from. You just wish I would tell you what to do, already, promising Me that you will follow, if I will just lead.

Don’t you see? I’m already there. I’m the Alpha and the Omega and I’m already where I want you to go. I’m waiting on you. I’m waiting on you to be close enough for My Light to lead your next step. You needn’t worry about tomorrow or next week or even the very last step you are supposed to take, because I’ll be at every one.

The way is laid before you. The plans are drawn and they are perfect and purposeful. I’ve given you all you need to know through My word and My word stands forever. To know my Word is to know Me and to know Me is to know My hearts desire for you, and your next step. I’m patiently waiting to take your hand. Will you come?

The Pointed Life Devotion

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