by: Michele-Lyn Ault

For years and years I prayed frustrated prayers, “God, when are you going to do something with this life I’ve been given?!” When His answer finally came it was in the form of a question. “When are YOU going to do something with this life you’ve been given?” I knew then, all the waiting that I mistook for “surrender” to God was actually “passivity”. God was waiting for me to be an active participant in my life, and to partner with Him. Sometimes, though God has already given us clearance and the-go-ahead, we still sit idle on the runway of our life fearful of take off. It’s almost always some form of fear that holds us back. If it’s not fear of the unknown, it’s fear of making a mistake. But if your heart is wholly God’s and your life is in His hands, and He has already said, “Go!” Then He’s also said, “Don’t worry, I will catch you if you fall. I am Faithful, the One who called you. You do your part, and I will do Mine.” {1 Thess 5:24, Ps 37:24}

The Pointed Life Devotion

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