by: Michele-Lyn Ault

You know what I am going to say even before I say it, Lord. And still, You want to hear me say it. I know what You have said, but sometimes I need to hear You say it. Again. I need to know You are working in my life, and that You are leading and guiding me. Of course I know You are, because You promised in Your word You would. But You know how we need to hear I love you from those we love, sometimes everyday, even though we already know they do? I need to hear how You love me in the ways You know I will hear. I want to hear You are pleased with me, when I cannot tell if You are.

Will You make Your presence obvious to me when I feel so very alone? Will You help me see when my vision becomes blurred? Will you help me hear when the sound becomes muffled? Will You help me to believe, when my faith becomes weak? Will You help me see the right way, when my feet fear taking the step? You made me, and You are remaking me delicately, with utmost care and consideration. Help me remain in Your hands, and help me know You are holding me.

The Pointed Life Devotion

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