by: Michele-Lyn Ault

Sometimes God calls you into obscurity. Into a secret, hidden fight of faith. A faithfulness that no one else sees but Him. Faithfulness in the mundane, and in the secret pain.

A life of obscurity is a beautiful thing, because it is a life that is hidden in God. It is usually for a season. An unseen place that God calls His people to live, if they will yield to Him. The purpose is preparation. We are being prepared in ways we cannot see, for things we do not yet know. God loves to use the seemingly mundane, everyday, ordinary duties we perform as training ground. The longer the time of preparation, the greater the purpose we are called to in light of eternity.

Keep being faithful! You are being watched by the One who sees all. God takes into account every secret sacrifice you make for His glory. Be encouraged and know that He is working in you and preparing you for something you might not even have dared to believe. But it is in there, that dream, that seed, that knowing deep in the secret places of your heart—there is more for you. God has more for you. In due season, you will see.

The Pointed Life Devotion

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