by: Meredith Bernard

Daughter, let Me love you.

Your family, your job, your friends, even My church demands much of your days and there is often little left for Me. It should not be this way. If you knew how much I longed to hear from you and want you to hear from Me, you would make time for Me first.

When you seek Me first, I will supply what you need to make the most of your time with them. Seek me first in the morning, even when you feel it’s not enough. I want to teach you to pray, and if we never talk, I never can.

Seek Me first when you rejoice and make it a habit to rejoice always. I will show you how.

Seek Me first when your strength fades from the pressures of your day. I will renew your strength.

Seek Me first when you receive bad news. I want to comfort you.

Seek Me first when you finally rest your head and let Me whisper Truth into your dreams.

Daughter, seek Me first today and let Me add all that only I can to your life.

The Pointed Life Devotion

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