by: Michele-Lyn Ault

“This is how I want it!” she declared unyielding for so many years. But all it ever did was keep her tied up in knots–a million tangled, frustrated, confusing, anxious knots.

All she really needed to do was loosen her grip and let go. But that was the hardest part, because she didn’t even really know how to. To let go would mean losing control, and fear seeing it all come undone.

“Sometimes bravery looks more like surrender.” — Kris Camealy #holeywhollyholy

There would be no cause for surrender if there was no battle. The battle is within–of the wills. God doesn’t condemn us for the struggle. The struggle is evidence we won’t settle for what we want, even though the want is painful and powerful. It is in the wrestling where are hearts are transformed, until we find ourselves wanting God more than our wants.

We wrestle until we come to that place of surrender where we can say, “This is how I want it! But nevertheless, Your will be done and not mine.”

The Pointed Life Devotion

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