by: Michele-Lyn Ault

“When you love someone you care about what they care about,” she tells her children all the time.

When her son was 5, she threw him a party. She remembers spending the whole day working tirelessly to get everything right and ready for him.

Just before the guests were to arrive, her son stopped her mid-task while she was working in the laundry room, “Will you just play with me?”

“I’m busy. I’m getting everything ready for YOUR party,” she replied frustrated and tired. After all, it was all for him.

Then he grabbed her attention, looked her in the eye and said, “But I just want you to stop and be with me.”

She never forgot that moment. She so was busy working hard *for* him that she couldn’t pay attention to him. All he really wanted was for her to be with him.

Sometimes, it’s no different with the Lord. We make it harder than it really needs to be. We all know the story of Mary and Martha, and how Mary chose the good part to sit at Jesus feet, while Martha worked tirelessly for Him. (Luke 10:38-42)

There is this line in the story that’s defining for our own life. It’s what Jesus said about Mary’s choice. “It will never be taken away from her.”

That means no matter how much work we think the Lord has given us, no matter how much we think we have to do, the opportunity to linger at the feet of our Lord, to be with Him, to wait on Him will never be taken and will always be the good choice.

Our hearts become troubled over many things, like Martha. But like Mary, we can and should give ourselves permission to pause, pay attention, draw near, listen, wait on God, and just be with Him. Not on our terms, but His.

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