by: Ashlie Oestreich

Many years ago, a former pastor of mine did a sermon series about living “on assignment”. I remember him talking about living each day, each moment with the perspective that we are on divine assignment from our Maker, waking up each day with the anticipation of “God, what are we doing to do together today?” and expecting great things — and it stuck with me. As a youth, I remember asking myself, “what is MY assignment?”

Isn’t that a question we all have, deep down? It colors many of our prayers, the books we read, the conversations we have — we desire purpose.

You and I were created by a powerful God with a unique purpose – we have a holy calling as His daughters. It looks different for each of us, and may change with the seasons. It is not because we have to “do” or “be” something for God, but because He desires walk WITH us, holding our hands on the journey as we are His hands and feet to a world desperate for purpose of their own.

Here’s the thing — there are many obstacles that keep us from walking in freedom and purpose. Fear, insecurity, unconfessed sin to name a few. But in the busy whirlwind of the twenty-first century, one of the largest roadblocks to walking the path God has for you and I is this: OPPORTUNITY.

It’s everywhere, isn’t it? We live in a drive-thru, multi-choice, have-your-pick society that is constantly throwing ideas into our face, vying for our attention, telling us how to be better, and there is a buffet line of choices in how we spend our time. We are slammed with a million opportunities that blare like horns, but there is a still small voice that speaks in a hushed, peaceful whisper – beckoning us to the life of freedom He designed. It is our own unique assignment, not always easy, sometimes different than we might have expected, but tailor-made for the way He’s created us. To which will we listen?

Lord, we do not want to waste our lives on distractions, good ideas, and nice opportunities. We want to follow YOU and live the life You’ve designed for us. We want the minutes in our days to COUNT in light of eternity. Give us wisdom in our “yes” and courage in our “no”, even when it means taking the narrow path. May we count the cost of the ways we spend our days, and may our choices reflect Your light to the world around us. We cannot do this apart from Your Spirit. Give us ears to hear, and a heart to receive the truth of the path You’ve planned for us before time. Lord, what would You have for us this day, this week? Speak Lord, we are listening.

“Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love,
for in you I trust.
Make me know the way I should go,
for to you I lift up my soul.”
-Psalm 143:8

The Pointed Life Devotion

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