by: Darlene Collazo

“I’ve watched you–your heart full of big dreams–chasing hard after the illusive promises of this world. I see the disappointment crushing your spirit each time you are left wanting—empty-handed, with an insatiable hunger and unquenchable thirst.

Invited to pursue purpose, you hastened your steps in an effort to do great feats for Me. Meanwhile, My desire is to be one with you. What you see in the distance looks appealing, the propositions of this culture fulfilling. However, it’s all a mirage, always leaving you hungry, always leaving you thirsty. You’ll always be grasping for more.

Daughter, will you trust Me? Will you place your faith and confidence in My promises? Will you choose surrender, putting a halt to empty pursuits that you might live in the fullness found in being joined to Me?

I am the Vine, you are the branch. Abide in Me, and I in you, and you will bear much fruit; Apart from Me you can do nothing. I am your source. I am your portion. In Me you’re complete and you’ll find fullness of life. Purpose and destiny—they start right here when you’re connected–when you’re one with Me. Am I enough?”

The Pointed Life Devotion

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