by: Michele-Lyn Ault

The devil cannot take our purpose, but he will try and disillusion us about it.

And that was my struggle in motherhood. I believed the lie that the labor I was doing as a mother was not work fit for the kingdom of God. I needed what I was doing to matter. It wasn’t that it didn’t. It was that I didn’t know how much it did. And that’s the disillusionment.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing there, the enemy will endeavor to convince you your work doesn’t really matter. If only we had eyes to truly see how much it really does. How God keeps account of the smallest of deeds we do in secret. How He sees the faithfulness that no one else sees. How He knows your pain in the struggle and sees how you keep showing up, giving your all. He uses every bit of it and wastes nothing, but uses it all to shape us for His glory and purpose.

The very thing the enemy tries to use to unmake us, is the very thing that God uses to make us.

Will you encourage a woman who needs to know this truth, and share this with her?

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