by: Michele-Lyn Ault

“That’s where the gospel lives in the messy chaos of opening up our lives to others.” — Lisa-Jo Baker

She does not do it perfectly. Selfishness still twists her up in knots — usually over an interruption. She does not do it perfectly, but she does it fiercely, loving tirelessly and passionately. She still shows up everyday fighting for her child’s heart and soul, and their present and future.

God sees. Motherhood is kingdom work.

“A million times you bend over to pick up toys, socks, crumbs, paper scraps, and feel the sting in your back, and do it without complaining. I see. I keep count the number of times you bow low to look into their eyes, so they know you hear them.

I see how beautiful your bare feet are that walk a thousand miles back and forth over the same floor only to remain in the same room, a living epistle of the Gospel for them to read.

Even though all the things overwhelm your mind — things to do and accomplish, goals and dreams — I see you lay it down and choose to simply be with them. Them, fully loved — Me loving them through you. I see. It counts. And it matters.”

The Pointed Life Devotion

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