by: Michele-Lyn Ault

Acceptance and love was something she still believed was earned. If she performed well enough, produced more, competed and won, excelled beyond the best, and climbed the highest then maybe she would be somebody. Just maybe she would finally feel loved and accepted.

But Jesus had a different view, and wanted her have it too.

“Daughter, don’t let any other person or any other thing define your worth beside Me. You are already chosen, accepted, loved, and worth dying for.”

When you allow God’s deep, unfailing love to grasp you; when you embrace the truth that God accepts you, just as you are, through Jesus Christ; when your eyes are open to that truth, you can accept yourself the way God does.

“That kind of self-acceptance is not available through the power of positive thinking. We cannot achieve it through reading volumes of self-help books. It comes from an act of faith in the God of grace who made me — who made you.” Identity Theft

The Pointed Life Devotion

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