Pace Session Devotion: God’s Perfect Finish

by | Nov 18, 2015 | DEVOTIONS

The scene repeats itself often in my house. One child rushes to beat their sibling to finish first—finish their meal, finish their bath, to be first to finish the task—whatever the task may be.

The same scene has repeated itself often in my own self-driven, sin-driven life. How often I’ve wanted to be the first to finish. How often I’ve strived to reach the end before anyone else. How often I’ve run trying to beat even God to the end, because when we strive to do first what God’s already promised to do, isn’t that what we are doing? Trying to beat God? But beating God to the finish line isn’t a prize-worthy race. It isn’t a race we are called to run, let alone a race we are entitled to win.
Faith doesn’t call us out to finish first, instead faith calls us back to wait on God’s perfect finish.
It’s hard, the waiting. It’s hard knowing the good thing promised, but not knowing how or when it will come to pass. It’s easier to birth our own Ishmael, make things happen ourselves, get the glory and the good thing now. Except the glory isn’t ours to get and the good thing isn’t good until it’s been given in His good time and His good will and His good way.
We’d all do good to get that through our heads and into our hearts. We’d all be better off to let Him finish the race with us and for us, because in the end, it’s not our race, it’s His.
God keeps the promises He makes and makes good the promises He keeps. This we can trust. This we can know. This we can hold sure of, as sure as the sun sets and the sun rises, because He holds them, too.

Go Deeper: Hebrews 11:1-3, Genesis 16-17

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