Presence Session: Come Fall Afresh On Me Lord

by | Dec 28, 2015 | DEVOTIONS

Today, each of us are facing the Monday after Christmas. And whether Christmas week was wonderful or not so much, I imagine that exhaustion has set in for you. Or, maybe just for me. I really did not want to wake up this morning. It’s not just physical exhaustion either, but my soul is weary.

Looking back over the last few days, I realized I haven’t been with the Lord. Of course He is always with us, and will never leave or give up on us. I’ve even heard His quiet whisper, and sensed His longing for my own presence, but there was always something pulling me away and I chose those things. Even in this, I know He is not upset with me. God never uses condemnations to draw us near. That will only keep us away longer. It’s His kindness that leads us to repentance.
So I drew near to Him, and while listening to a worship song named “Fall Afresh” it became my prayer. And, maybe this Monday-after-Christmas it can become yours, too.

Spirit of the living God come fall afresh on me
Come wake me from my sleep
Blow through the caverns of my soul
Pour in me to overflow


Go Deeper: Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17, Romans 8:1, Romans 2:4.


This devotion is one of many that are part of our Presence Session. To find all the Presence Session Devotions, please click here. We have the free Presence Session Study available in our library you may access by signing up here or below for our updates. I pray these words spoke truth and life to your heart. If they have, will you share in comments with us?


Michele-Lyn is a wife and mama of four. Sometimes she’s still more of a mess than she cares to admit, but she will so you will know we are all in the process. You’ll find her writing about motherhood, missions, and embracing beautiful messes on her blog, A Life Surrendered. She’s an advocate for World Help, is currently seeking Bachelor of Science in Leadership, and is The Pointed Life founder.

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